KoalaSafe - 150Mbps Wireless N
KoalaSafe - 150Mbps Wireless N KoalaSafe - 150Mbps Wireless N KoalaSafe - 150Mbps Wireless N KoalaSafe - 150Mbps Wireless N KoalaSafe - 150Mbps Wireless N Stop button for the internet! Usage insights help to prompt conversations with your kids.

Dome ships to the USA, UK and Australia only.

Check back regularly for updates on other regions.

KoalaSafe takes the tension out of setting limits for screen time use. You set up the schedule once, have the conversation once and KoalaSafe takes care of the rest - no more daily arguments. Plus, when your kids are browsing the web on KoalaSafe, you have the peace of mind that they're protected by our first-class filters and monitoring.
  • Internet schedule
  • Content filtering
  • Google and YouTube SafeSearch
  • Monitoring
  • Internet Stop Button
  • Per child or per device settings
  • Time extensions

Set up schedules for when the internet is on and off. When the limit is reached, the connection turns off automatically

Block sites by category. No more following links to inappropriate videos either with YouTube and Google SafeSearch enforced

Would you like to know if Facebook usage went from 1 hour to 20 hours in a week? KoalaSafe will tell you.

  • Time Limits
  • Site and App Blocking
  • Parental Insights
  • YouTube SafeSearch
  • Google SafeSearch
  • Companion Apps
  • Internet Stop Button
  • Per Device Profiles
  • Weekly Usage Report
  • Allow or Disallow any site


Lower Eastsider
This little device has eliminated the largest source of conflict in my family. I spent about 2 years trying to find a simple solution to a problem that most parents face: How to get the kids off their devices. This product provides a super-simple solution to that problem. It is definitely my best purchase this year. I recommend it to any parent.

– Lower Eastsider

I'm dealing with a teen who found work arounds for every safeguard I've tried to put in place and finally I've outsmarted him with Koala's handy little device. It's so nice to see him wake up refreshed because he wasn't up half the night online.


Thomas B.
I knew what I wanted in a parental control device but couldn’t find a products that had it all until found Koala. Koala is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Easy to set-up and even easier to administer. It works as you expect it to. Reasonable price, no on-going costs AND excellent customer service.

– Thomas B.

R. Baker
This product changed the dynamic in my family. I am no longer the bad guy taking away the internet. If my kids want more time, they now come and ask.

– R. Baker

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